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Privacy First Annual Report 2011

"In the first decade of the 21st century the right to privacy in the Netherlands has come under enormous pressure. On the one hand this has been the result of the collective mindset after '9/11', in which there seemed to be ever less room for classic civil rights such as the right to privacy.  On the other hand it was the outcome of rapid technological developments that brought along inherent privacy risks. Examples of this are the rise of the Internet, mobile telephony, camera surveillance and biometrics, all of which are technologies that are intended to serve Mankind but that could just as well disrupt society. For example through abuse or ill-thought out use without proper privacy guarantees. An ICT dream can then quickly turn into a societal nightmare. These observations were the reason the Privacy First Foundation was founded in March 2009. Only a few months later (in the summer of 2009) the first turning point in Dutch society was perceivable: the storage of fingerprints under the new Dutch Passport Act led to a torrent of criticism, courtesy also of the pressure exerted by Privacy First. This subsequently acted as a societal lever:  due to all the fuss surrounding the Passport Act a widely supported Dutch privacy movement came to life. Since then Privacy First has gradually expanded its area of work while the theme of privacy has climbed ever higher on the agenda of Dutch society..."

Read further pdfHERE in Privacy First's annual report 2011!

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Vincent Böhre, Director and Legal advisor

Vincent Böhre, Director and Legal advisor 

Vincent Böhre studied International and European Law as well as Dutch Law at the University of Amsterdam. During his studies he worked as a researcher at the law firm Loyens & Loeff. He then worked at Amnesty International and was commissioned by the Scientific Council for Government Policy (WRR) to conduct a study into the Dutch biometric passport. In the field of the right to privacy and data protection, he has been active for several years at the Netherlands Committee of Jurists for Human Rights (NJCM). From 2010 - 2013 he was also chairman of the Dutch Platform for the Protection of Civil Rights (Platform Bescherming Burgerrechten).

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Our Philosophy


Privacy First takes a professional and evidence-based approach to the various issues. The preservation of liberty in the private sphere can be perfectly combined with rapidly changing societal and technological developments.

If any organization, company, government or leading individual does not respect the right to privacy, the Privacy First Foundation will immediately take informative, political or legal action.

You can help us to take action through sponsorships, donations or deposits on our Dutch bank account: IBAN NL95ABNA0495527521 (BIC: ABNANL2A). Click HERE for further details.

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Support Privacy First

ANBI_logo-rond-schaduwYOU CAN HELP OUT: Support Privacy First!

Please donate on IBAN account number NL95ABNA0495527521 in the name of Stichting Privacy First in Amsterdam.

Many people feel disquieted about the ever increasing infringement of their privacy and are willing to do something about it, but they don’t know how. Support the Privacy First Foundation by giving advice, undertaking action and/or making a donation in order for the Foundation and its volunteers, lawyers, legal experts and scientists to be able to continue to work on a privacy-friendly future.

The Privacy First Foundation has been recognized by the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration as an Institution for General Benefit (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, ANBI). In general, your donations to Privacy First are therefore entirely tax-deductible. You can verify your own financial situation on the website of the Tax and Customs Administration accessing this special page for making calculations (in Dutch). There is also a private website about Institutions for General Benefit (Dutch only). All your gifts to Privacy First are tax-deductible as long as they are higher than 1% and lower than 10% of your threshold income. The only thing you need to do is actually deduct the donation and save the account statement. In case you make a donation to Privacy First, it is advisable to use the word ‘donation’ as a reference for there never to arise any confusion with the Tax and Customs Administration.

It’s all about being effective. Therefore the Privacy First Foundation files lawsuits and takes legal action aiming at the amendment of laws that lead our society in the wrong direction. Furthermore, we sometimes organise campaigns to alert the public, like our successful GemeenteGarantieBrief ('Municipality Guarantee Letter') campaign in relation to the Dutch Passport Act. Of course we also cooperate with other privacy organisations, legal experts, scientists, human rights organisations and private individuals where possible.

A lawsuit is so expensive that in fact the government feels entirely free to constrain your freedom indefinitely. Surely, no ordinary citizen can wait for 8 years and spend 200,000 Euros on a court case. What’s more, the government can spend an unrestricted amount of money on legal action, that is to say, it’s YOUR tax money that they are spending. By supporting Privacy First financially, we are able to file joint lawsuits which represent the privacy interests of all citizens.  

If you do not undertake any action we will all be doomed in five years time. It’s as simple as that. You can read about how quickly things develop in the press and on websites like ours.

Make a direct financial contribution, without the need of filling in any forms, on IBAN account number NL95ABNA0495527521 in the name of Stichting Privacy First in Amsterdam, the Netherlands (BIC: ABNANL2A). Alternatively, you can donate below through online banking  Paypal or Bitcoins. We kindly thank you for your support!


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