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Friday, 13 April 2012

The following (translated) call reached us this week from Avaaz (in Dutch) and is fully supported by Privacy First:

‘‘At this very moment, the American Congress wants to secretly adopt a legislative proposal which enables them to spy on internet users everywhere in the world, hoping the world won’t notice it. Last time around we contributed to the fight against the attack on the internet, now let’s do it again.

Over a 100 Congress members support the legislative proposal (CISPA) which grants private businesses and the American government the right to spy on every one of us, at any given moment and for as long as they want without the need for a warrant. This is the third time the American Congress tries to attack our internet freedom. We helped defeat the Stop Online Privacy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA) – now we can defeat this new ‘Big Brother law’.

Our global indignation has previously played a leading role in protecting the internet against governments that want to track and control us online. Let’s once more stand united and thwart this law for good. Sign the petition and forward it to anyone who uses the internet:

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) determines that in a mere case of suspicion of a cyber threat, companies that allow us internet access have the right to collect information about our online activities, to share this information with the government and to refuse notifying us about this. Afterwards they enjoy immunity from prosecution for privacy violations or whichever other illegal activity it may concern. This implies an insane dismantling of the privacy we all have faith in during our daily habits of sending emails, having Skype chats, performing search actions, etc.

But we know the American Congress is afraid of the world’s reaction. It is the third time that they put the attack on our internet freedom in a new jacket in order to push it through after all. The name of the law is repeatedly being changed in the hope that citizens won’t notice it. NGOs that deal with internet rights, like the Electronic Frontier Foundation, have already condemned the legislative proposal on account of violation of privacy protection. It’s time for us to speak out.

Sign the petition for Congress against CISPA. As soon as we have 250.00 signatures we will hand over our petition to every one of the 100 American representatives who support this law:

Every day internet freedom has to endure the threats from governments from all over the world, but the US can cause the greatest damage since most of the internet’s infrastructure is situated there. Time and again our movement has proved that global public opinion contributes to stopping the US from threatening our internet. Let’s do this again.’’

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